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Why adopt a rescued Sheltie?
Each year SSRI places between 150 and 250 Shelties. There is a tremendous need for foster homes and adoptive families for beautiful, purebred Shelties and Sheltie mixes that have become displaced through no fault of their own.

Shelties lose their homes due to owner relocation, illness, lack of financial resources as well as a variety of other reasons. There are almost always Shelties available to a good home. You can see our available Shelties on the Shelties Page.

All available Shelties have been spayed/neutered, are current on their shots and have had a complete medical evaluation along with any required treatment. Shelties are fostered in our volunteers’ homes and evaluated for temperament so that they can be matched with the best family for them. It is very rewarding to know that there are great homes waiting for Shelties which might otherwise be put down or left to run loose in the streets to be crippled or killed in traffic.

What are the requirements for adopting?
The main requirements for adopting a Sheltie are simple. We ask that you have a securely fenced yard, that you allow the dog to be an indoor pet (we will not adopt to “backyard pet owners”), and that you treat the dog lovingly, as a full-fledged member of your family. These are basic needs that all dogs deserve. The Shelties that we rescue may not have been lucky enough to have had a secure home in the past but SSRI will ensure they have one in their future!

How do I apply to adopt a rescued Sheltie?
Click Here to fill out an online application for adoption.

What does it cost to adopt a sheltie from SSRI?
We use a sliding scale depending on the approximate age of the Sheltie. Younger and healthier Shelties help support our commitment to helping Shelties who are elderly or have expensive medical conditions.

The adoption fee (in most cases) is:
Up to 12 months $600,
1 up to 3 years is $475,
3 up to 6 years is $400,
6 up to 8 years is $350,
8 up to 10 years is $300
10+ years is $250.

This adoption fee is tax-deductible, as Southland Sheltie Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit organization. In some circumstances we may ask more or less than the above listed donation amounts. The adoption fee includes the basic medical care for the Sheltie while in rescue. For example, a vet exam, spay/neuter, vaccinations, tags, microchip and any urgent care. Additional costs you should expect to incur as a Sheltie owner include health care (vet), food, doggie beds, feeding bowls, crate for transport or potty training, seat belt harness, obedience training and any ongoing medical tests, medications or treatments.

What kind of dog will I get?
All Shelties are evaluated prior to adoption. The volunteer foster family will have a very good idea of the type of home in which the Sheltie will be thrive. Shelties come in many colors, sizes and personalities, so you will be asked a number of questions designed to give us an idea of your lifestyle, and what you are looking for in a fur companion. Most of our rescued Shelties are purebred adults, but occasionally we will have purebred puppies or Sheltie mix adults and puppies.

How do I start?
Once your Application has been completed and submitted, an SSRI volunteer will call you to conduct a phone interview to learn more about you, your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a fur companion. Following that, a home visit will be set up (this is required). Once a possible match is available, a volunteer or rescue coordinator will contact you to determine fit. If a fit seems likely, the foster family will work with you to set up a time and place for you and your family to meet the Sheltie. Keep in mind that Shelties are often reserved with strangers, and until you and your new dog have created a bond, it may be somewhat distant. A good way to decide if you like the dog's personality is to watch how he/she interacts with their foster family. This is a good indication of how the Sheltie will act with you, once he/she has "adopted" you!

What do I do when I find the dog I want?
Assuming you have completed your application, phone interview and home visit and it is love at first sight, you will be asked to sign a contract. Our contract states (basically) that you will make the dog a member of your family for the rest of its life. It also requires you to return the Sheltie to SSRI if you find yourself unable to keep or care for the dog - no questions or judgements… it's all about the dog and finding him/her a new home.

When your dog is ready to go home with you, he/she will be wearing a collar and an ID tag recognizing it as an SSRI Sheltie. We require that this tag stay on the dog at all times - even if you add your own. The SSRI tag gives you another avenue to have the dog returned to you if he/she is lost as SSRI will become another point of contact for whoever finds your pup.

What do I do if it doesn't work out?
Our adoption contract offers a two week grace period during which you may return the adopted dog for a full refund if you are unable to keep the dog - regardless of the reason. After the two week grace period, you may still contact SSRI and we will accept the dog for re-homing. However, you will not receive a refund of your adoption fee.

What do I do if I can't keep my Sheltie?
Please contact a Rescue Coordinator to discuss giving your dog to the rescue. SSRI will take your pup - regardless of age - and do everything possible to find him or her a new home. No questions, no judgement...we understand that, sometimes, life just happens.

Fostering a Sheltie for SSRI

What is a foster home?
When a Sheltie loses their home or is rescued from a shelter, an interim home is required while the dog is evaluated for health, temperament, and behavior. The foster home keeps the dog until he/she is adopted. Foster homes are the backbone of any rescue group. Without people who are willing to open their hearts and their homes to these homeless Shelties, we would be unable to keep saving lives. We are ALWAYS in desperate need of foster homes. If you are interested in fostering for SSRI, please contact a Rescue Coordinator.

What are the requirements for fostering a dog?
To foster a dog until he/she is adopted you need to keep the dog in your home, as your own, until he/she is ready to be placed. You will probably need to take him/her to the vet to be spayed/neutered and for shots or other treatments. You may need to have the dog groomed if he/she has been neglected. SSRI will reimburse you for all approved expenses. Often the Sheltie is frightened and confused. This behavior will fade as he/she becomes more comfortable in his/her new surroundings. It is a wonderful feeling when your rescue dog shows you how grateful they are that you saved them! When you feel the dog is ready to be placed, we will connect you with screened applicants that are a potential match to the dog. You may arrange to meet the prospective adopter in your home, at their home or in a neutral location. Your evaluation of the dog - and the potential adopting family - is critical to finding the right dog/family fit. Fostering is very rewarding; if you are interested, please contact a Rescue Coordinator.

Other ways to help homeless Shelties

Can I make a donation to "SSRI"?
Yes! SSRI welcomes donations of all kinds. Monetary donations are tax-deductible. We also need dog food, medical care, and supplies of all kinds including blankets, bedding, and toys. Click Here to donate…thank you for your generosity!

I can't keep a dog for long periods of time, but I 'd still like to help...What can I do?
Short-term rescue volunteers are badly needed. These volunteers travel to pick up dogs from homes and shelters, and keep them for a few days until a foster home is open. You do not need to commit to the dog for the entire foster period, but you may be saving the life of a homeless Sheltie just the same! Contact a Rescue Coordinator if you feel you may be able to assist in short term foster care.

Can I volunteer in other ways?
Volunteers are always needed. Southland Sheltie Rescue needs people who can help return phone calls, interview applicants, do home visits, help with events and fund raising, and pick up donations. Contact a Rescue Coordinator to get started.
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