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The Shelties Below are Available for Adoption.
Please keep in mind there may be more Shelties that need homes than are posted on this website; they are currently undergoing evaluation in loving foster homes. Please partner with the rescue by filling out an application; our volunteers will work with you in order to make the best possible match.

Milo is a neutered three year old male. He weighs about 20 pounds and is current on his shots. Milo is very smart, affectionate and responsive. He knows all the "typical" commands like "sit", "stay", "lie down" but still needs some additional training to walk like a gentleman on leash (he pulls). Milo also needs some help with socialization…he will bark frantically at any person or dog he sees while on a walk or whenever someone comes to visit. With some focused, devoted attention, Milo should turn around and become a well-mannered Sheltie. If this boy sounds like a match for you, please contact us!
Linnie is a beautiful, 9 1/2 pound Sheltie Mix. She's very shy at first; however, she will choose one person to bond to - usually a woman. At just over a year old, Linnie still has a lot of puppy traits and will drag your shoes and slippers out if she can get to them. She doesn't want to chew on them, she just wants them out where she can see them! Linnie loves other dogs and always wants to play with them. She loves to cuddle and will sit with you and watch TV. She also wants to sleep with you - on your bed! Linnie is housebroken, up to date on her shots and recently spayed. If you are interested in giving this little cutie a furever home, please contact us.

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