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Get Your Sheltie Swag!
We're starting out small...just magnets for now...but check back often as we hope to add to our Sheltie-themed inventory soon!

Sheltie Magnets
100% of the revenue - minus .50 for postage - goes directly to SSRI. We only ship within the US. Email us your Sheltie picture(s) - along with your dog's name, or names - after purchase. (friends@southlandsheltierescueinc.com)

Linnie Magnet

SSRI Themed Magnet - 3.5"
Your Sheltie Photo

Sheltie Magnet

Non-Themed Magnet - 3.5"
Your Sheltie Photo

Sheltie Magnet Set

4 Sheltie Magnets 3.5" Each
Your Sheltie Photos

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